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Dave's Devil Sticks

Who am I?

Welcome to Dave's Devil Sticks. If you are looking for juggling balls, hacky sacks, pins, unicycles, or magic hats, you've come to the wrong place: but if you're looking for high-quality, hand-crafted devil and flower sticks, this is the site for you. I've been designing and building sticks for the past 20 years, and I know that my sticks are the best of their kind. Dont take my word for it; read the following testimonial:

I'm more than happy to recommend Dave Vinet's products. I came upon his work 10 years ago and was immediately impressed by his craftmanship. Ive been using his sticks in my shows ever since. They are affordable, well balanced, and attractive props and are the perfect compliment to my performance. Thanks Dave.

— Thomas Gage, lead performer at Circus England

Every set is checked and tested before being shipped out to assure the perfect quality. I take pride in every one of my sticks and I want my customers to feel the same pride.

My Products

Dave's Devil Sticks • 541 West Highland Dr. • Aubur, ME 04210 • (207) 555 - 9001•